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Bekantan The Long-Nosed Monkey

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Bekantan The Long-Nosed Monkey


Bekantan The Long-Nosed Monkey - The dense forest in Kalimantan is a home for hundreds of species of animals. Besides orangutan, there is one kind of ape that can only be found in Kalimantan. This ape is known as Bekantan or the long-nosed monkey.

Bekantan is a reddish-brown arboreal monkey. A distinctive feature of this monkey is the male's large nose from which it takes its name. The nose is thought to be used in mating. The nose can reach up to 17.5 cm in lenght. Besides attracting mates, the nose serves as a resonating chamber and works by amplifying their warning calls. When this animal becomes agitated, its nose swells with blood, making warning calls louder and more intense.

Males are much larger than females. Male Bekantan can reach up to 72 cm in body lenght, with an up to 75 cm tail, and can weigh up to 24 kg. Female Bekantan can reach up to 60 cm long and can weigh up to 12 kg. Bekantan also has a large belly as a result of its diet. Their food consists mainly of seeds, leaves, mangrove shoots, and unripened fruit.

Like other monkeys, Bekantan climbs very well. It is also a good swimmer. It often swims from island to island.

Bekantan The Long-Nosed Monkey

Due to ongoing habitat loss and hunted in some areas, only about 7000 Bekantan are known to still exist in the wild. This monkey is evaluated as endangered on the IUCN red list of threatened species. Source: Wikipedia

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