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Risk Factors for Becoming an Alcoholic

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Risk Factors for Becoming an Alcoholic

Risk Factors for Becoming an Alcoholic

Risk Factors for Becoming an Alcoholic - We have known for some time that one's risk for becoming an alcoholic increased three four times if members of one's family were which exists a cross-cultures, may result from both enviromental and genetic factors.

Environmental risk factors include a number of psycological and emotional traits that are learned by being in a family with one or more alcoholic members. Examples of environmental risk factors, which occur in children of alcoholic parents, include difficulties in showing trust, pverconpedency in relationships, and exaggerated reaction to events out of their control. When faced with these and other problems, children of alcoholic parents may turn to alcohol and abuse it as did their parents.

Risk Factors for Becoming an Alcoholic

Genetic risk factors, which are inheritea predispositions that increase the potential for alcoholissm, have been identified by Robert Cloninger (1987) and his associates. They report that children of alcoholic parents, even adopted by nonalcoholics, are three or four times are likely to become alcoholics than children born to nonalcoholics.

It is important to remember that not every child of an alcoholic parent becomes an alcoholic. Thus, other environmental variables, such as support in children, quality of home life, and successful coping with stress, apparently decrease the risk of alcoholism. Source : Rod Plotnik
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